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[CLEARANCE] Wooden Marble Run

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We love this solid pine wood Marble Run for the open-ended free play it offers. It can be played as buildings blocks for younger age group, or build as complex structure by older children. Even parents love this toy as it encourages problem solving and lots of visualisation to how the marble move from start to finishing point.

For younger age group, parents can build the structure for children and encourage them to drop the marble from top of the structure, for the visual and audio experience.

This is suitable for 3 years old and above. Check out our Instagram @play_wonders for video of this product.

💡Play ideas:-
✅ create a castle
✅ build a structure on a chair to the floor ✅ increase the challenge by building a structure on the table to the floor (older age children will enjoy this)

PS: This also makes a good gift too! 🛍🎁


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