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Pretend Play Wooden Toys

Pretend Play Wooden Toys

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✅ The Pretend Play toys are primarily made of wood, and beautifully coloured with non-toxic water-based paint.
✅ The edges of the toys are rounded (no sharp edges)
✅ It is easy to clean (wipe clean and air-dry).

👶🏻 Developmental skills that your child will develop through playing with the pretend play toys,
✔️ Enhances the development of fine motor skills and eye hand coordination through using of tools
✔️ Pretend play enhances child’s imagination
✔️ Expands child’s knowledge & vocabulary through the pretend play tools

💡 Pretend play toys are very good for parent-child interaction and encourages bonding
💡 Recommended for engaging your child during family time

- Do not submerge in water as it will cause the wood to warp.
- Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as colour may fade.
This toy is suitable for 3 years old and above. Child supervision is advised as long as children are still mouthing toys.

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