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Printable: Germs on our Hands

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As parents with young children, one of our greatest concerns is them falling sick. One of the ways that we can equip our children is hand hygiene.

Here is how you can teach your child about germs on hand in a fun way - CREATE COLOURFUL GERMS to remind them to wash away the colourful germs on their hands frequently.

The follow-up activity for older pre-schoolers can be to talk about and list down the situations that require hand washing.

1. You will need:
- colourful watercolour paint or food dye. You can include some yucky colours
- straw
- printable
- eyes (can be printable or hand-drawn)
- markers (for drawing germs on legs and eyes)
- scissors
- glue
- hairdryer (to dry the artwork before pasting the eyes )
- paintbrush (to put the paint on the printable before blowing)

1. Talk about germs, how they cannot be seen and how they can make us ill.
2. Talk about germs on a child's hands.
3. Introduce the colourful germs activity. You can say: today, we are going to make these germs colourful and alive on this paper
4. Put the paint on the activity sheet using a brush and encourage the child to blow them using the straw.
5. Draw the legs for the colourful germs
6. Draw and/or cut and paste the eyes for the colourful germs. (You can dry the artwork with a hairdryer if it is too wet)
7. Paste it on the wall as a reminder that colourful germs will be on our hands if we do not wash our hands frequently and they can make us sick.

Note: We have also illustrated different eyes at page 2 of the printable. Have lots of fun doing it!