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Printable: Math Link Cubes - Colour Sorting Activities

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One of the ways children learn is through repetition. We have designed a colour sorting mat in conjunction with our Math Link Cube to enable parents to teach children about colours at home.

Younger children can get overwhelmed when too many colours are introduced at a go. Hence, we have designed the colouring activity into 3 levels.

Level 1- Page 1a to 1c
- Enable parents to introduce primary colours, followed by secondary colours.
- Suitable for toddlers

Level 2 - page 2a to 2b
- Enable parents to teach 5 common colours
- Suitable for 2.5 years old onwards

Level 3 - page 3
- Suitable for 3.5 years old onwards

I can sort page 4 to 5
- Laminate for reuse.
- Encourage child to sort the colours using any counters

Note: the age group is just a guideline. Every child is different. Parents know best ❤️