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Busy Prints Series 1 - Alphabet & Numbers (Stickers only)

Busy Prints Series 1 - Alphabet & Numbers (Stickers only)

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Introducing our Busy Prints Series. This series is designed and illustrated with developmentally appropriate fonts that is suitable for young learners. It covers two learning areas of child development, Early Literacy and Numeracy. With this open-ended set, it encourages children to recognise capital and small letters A-Z and Numeracy from 0 to 100.

It is bundled with the Click-in Tiles from Playmags to enrich your play experiences. This set can be used as both open-ended play (creating print awareness as they play) and as teaching resources. Join us in our Telegram Chat to get more teaching tips on how these can be used for fun activities !


Alphabet & Numbers Series comes with: 
1. 26 capital letters
2. 26 small letters
3. x2 sets of numbers 0-10
4. Extra number 0
5. Snake and Ladder Letter game (you can download our printable die to make with your child)

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