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Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing

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This is a fun tool to explore the wonders of colours. It is suitable from age 2 onwards.

Teaching tips:
💡For younger children
1. Parents can use this to introduce the name of individual colour.
2. Encourage children to explore colour mixing by placing two coloured sticks together.
3. Ask children to pick the correct coloured stick from the concrete object shown to them. This can be really fun! :)

💡For older preschoolers
1. Read a book related to colours. As you read, encourage children to do colour mixing using the coloured stick. The book shown in our picture is “Little Blue and Little Yellow”.
2. Use concrete objects, ask children to put the coloured stick over the objects and observe the changes in their colour.
3. Challenge children to do colour mixing with paint as they use the coloured stick as their guide.

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