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Math Link Cubes (144 Pieces)

Math Link Cubes (144 Pieces)

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Math link cubes is very versatile and open-ended teaching resources that you can have at home. It is a useful tools to teach children math concepts such as:

1. Colours Recognition

2. One to one correspondence

3. Sorting of colours

4. Patterning (simple and complex)

5. Counting

6. Addition or subtraction in a visual way

7. Numbers

8. Model (for K2 onwards)

9. Concepts such as long or short, more or less

It is also good for child's fine motor training and enable child to create anything from their imagination.

Age group: 3 years old onwards (to attach the cubes together, maybe only 4 years old onwards can do it well- depending on their finger strength)

This comes with numbers 0-9 and also activity cards. 😊

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